Finally! After a long wait, it is my pleasure to announce that The Blockheads 1.7 - THE BIGGEST UPDATE EVER - will be out on the 15th of March, just over a week from now.

There are many new features, and a huge number of improvements and bug fixes in this update. 1.7 brings pets, animal breeding, expert mode, skin customization, pizza ovens, new mobs, a new D-Pad option for control, free HD textures, shark riding, and much more!

To reduce the number of empty server worlds, help us to cover our hosting costs, and make for a better multiplayer experience, 1.7 also will require In App Purchase for creating and topping up all cloud hosted worlds. So now is your chance to top up your server worlds with Time Crystals while you still can. More details on the reasoning behind this change can be found here: A change to server credit in 1.7

Further details on all of the exciting new features will be announced just before 1.7 goes live. See you next week!